Student Profile: Thi Kim Xuyen Tran

As part of our Adult Learners Week this week, we’re thrilled to introduce you to some of our students who we’re extremely proud of. People who have ‘#changedtheirstory‘ to reach for their goals.
Meet our student, Thi Kim who is studying English at YCC

“Joining a class with YCC has changed my life. When I arrived in Australia, I wanted to know English to engage in a language which is not my first, to make a new friends and to be able to use the language outside in the larger community. 

I have lived in Melbourne for 3 years. The house where I live with my two daughters is in a beautiful residential area in Maribyrnong. To be able to live in Australia, I need to know English better. So two years ago I attended the English class delivered by Yarraville Community Centre. My class is very happy and friendly. Our teacher Despina created that sincere atmosphere. She gave us interesting lectures. She made it possible for us to practice English every time we were in class and when we went for a walk during tea- break.

In class the teacher often suggested to us to tell stories about our family and our country. She also often gives fun puzzles for us to solve them together. That way of learning makes us improve our English but we don’t find it stressful or boring. 

During 2020, our teacher set up her own website, where I am a member, and she taught me and many classmates how to use this. She believes that this will help improve our English language understanding. This year, during the extended lockdown, we have been learning online by zoom class. With this way of learning, our anxiety was cleared when we thought, how can we learn English when we can’t go out?

In just two years, my English has clearly improved. I also have become more confident in using a computer & using the resources on my teacher’s website. My dream of becoming an active member of the nation I now live is coming true.

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