The value of learning outside of the classroom.

Yarraville Community Centre’s teachers place a lot of value on taking AMEP English students’ learning outside of the classroom to improve their language skills and offer them a real-world learning experience to set them up for success in life beyond the classroom. Taking the learning outside can enrich a student’s educational experience by enabling them to apply their learnings to real-life situations.  

Taking AMEP students to places they would never have otherwise visited themselves not only widens their knowledge of the city they live in, but also gives them an opportunity to hear English and learn ‘every day’ English skills. Learning outside the classroom can also help teachers promote enthusiasm for learning and provide a real-world context.

“By giving our AMEP students opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, it encourages students to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as widening their English vocabulary. We strive to give our students a holistic education that encompasses a well-rounded, balanced education. One that produces active and productive community members who are aware of the environment they live in.” Melissa Giffard, Education Manager at Yarraville Community Centre.

In the last six months Yarraville Community Centre’s English AMEP students have visited a range of iconic Victorian public places including the Fitzroy Gardens, The Victorian State Library, The Immigration Museum, The NGV, Williamstown Beach and The Victorian Parliament House. They also have the opportunity to play sports at The Western Bulldogs CALDplay sports program which provides immigrants to the West of Melbourne with social participation opportunities through the medium of sport and physical activity, whilst promoting healthy living. “These opportunities are invaluable to our students whilst they learn to live in Australia and continue to contribute as valuable members of our community”, says Melissa.

Yarraville Community Centre is a registered training organisation and Learn Local provider offering AMEP, SEE and Skills First funded programs as well as pre-accredited training programs which include English studies and vocational education as well as short courses.

Please contact Melissa Giffard directly on 03 9687 1560 or [email protected] for more information.


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